About Us

We have a great respect for the martial arts and  architecture, it is clear in our aesthetic. We work on improving our brand awareness and to seek to become a strong contributor, to all the industries we touch on.


With all methodologies, symbology is present in all meaningful explanations of either applications or characteristics. Triangle/ Square and Circle are the most basic building blocks known to man .

The Triangle.

 This Trilogy is the strongest shape known to man, For Martial beauty it signifies " Strength "


The Circle.

Life has a rhythm. 

For Martial Beauty it signifies " Peace"


          The Square.

                      Ones desire to keep stepping forward…..

                                        This is for self faith above all else....                                       

                  The Square a testament of “ Will ”





Wise man don't judge... they seek to understand 
           — ZEN SAYING


K.I.S.S. Keeping it simple…. Beauty has long been reflected in the non chaotic, slim line and the forever receding the lessons of life. Masters have always utilised time and energy, to finding ways of making their environment reflect their inner peace and order. Zen gardens and their beliefs themselves, have an astounding resonance, that……, they take time, patience and concentration.

Our pieces take quality metals and years of patient diligent dedication to making expressions of interest and intrigue. Put simple, Quality built on years of study and practice. We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we do.