Are you local and how long until I get my pieces?

YES! We design and finish every piece locally. We respect what the Japanese culture has done for craftsman and warriors alike. We appreciate the work and dedication it takes to hone a skill and give life to a love.

As for delivery, we are not mass produced and have loyal client based globally. That being said, please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks before we can expect to see your piece being snapped on your Instagram feed.

WE love your style, though do you do bespoke/commission pieces (something unique for me)?

WE DO! We have had many clients appreciate our aesthetic…. and ask for special custom items that incorporates our flavour…. A great deal of requests have been for our engagement/wedding rings with Gem variations and/or custom finishes.

Our bespoke pieces begin at 5ooo AUD and will be a process of around 4 weeks from deposit to completion.

Unfortunately due to the nature of bespoke pieces once production has begun, no refund will be issued on initial deposit. For Bespoke pieces, a deposit of 5o per cent of the final price before the commencement of production.

I ordered direct from the site but have changed my mind do you refund?

Due to the nature of our production process we are unable refund on change of mind.

Our pieces go through three articulate check points for quality control before they are delivered to you. We make sure of : Durability, Consistency of finish and Visual accuracy compared with what is represented on our site, if for any reason you find a discrepancy from any of our quality controls, simply pay for postage and we will assess the piece and be in contact with you. Please refer to our T & C’s below.

I have loved this piece for ……. years, I would like it to present as new again. What can I do ?

Like anything loved, wear happens. We love our pieces looking their best for you, we recommend dropping us an email and send it via courier to our P.O. Box. We will happily breath new life into the piece for 1oo AUD this includes re plating and polishing of the entire piece. Also, all our jewellery has been hallmarked appropriately for the metals used in crafting, so if needed urgently, we are OK if the decision to take to the local jeweller is made.

We would also like you to know, that if you have purchased an engagement ring, we will happily refurbish the piece prior to your wedding day, provided we have plenty of time before the day at no cost to you, just pay for postage and we will make sure that your ring looks like it has an entrance all its own.

Why the name Martial Beauty?

Several of our pieces can be used not just show…………..

The name came from a unison of martial arts and crafting beauty ( jewellery) The original owner was a skilled jeweller who was a “so..so” martial artist. As like most arts there is an en-grained philosophy that stems from wisdom and past teachers who have worked on perfecting themselves and what they love. Martial beauty is strong in supporting self realising and improvement. We are always searching for new ways to create designs that protect and make you look good.