Sankakkei Long - Martialbeauty
Sankakkei Long - Martialbeauty

Sankakkei Long

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The “Long” range has come to life for elegance and preparedness. At drinks with colleagues or a night out with friends look good and feel safe with a deter-ant that will get you praise on your jewellery and distance from undesirables.

Sipping Sake and the walk home.






Fine 18ct yellow gold granules are melted in our organised specific crucibles than poured into a bar moulds where the gold is then quenched in our special solution that cleans and prepares the precious metal for the "drawing down" down process. The gold is heated, quenched and taken through jewellery specific mills that bring the gold closer to the desired shape. As the correct thickness becomes closer the gold is measured and marked in the appropriate place to bend and solder into position.

Once marked the piece is folded up and soldered where it is then filed and given a rough polish. Finishing file to bring shape, then, the fine 18ct yellow gold is tempered and strengthened in it's place. Holes are drilled in rediment for the round brilliant cut diamonds to be set. 

Then we accentuate with deep black ruthenium. Highly polish and made sure it is perfectly balanced. 


Then given it's final quality check, packaged and sent to you.